Re: ORA-01554: transaction concurrency limit reached reason:no undo segment found with available slot params:0, 0 :

From: Remigiusz Sokołowski <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018 12:38:42 +0200
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Pretty much that is what I need :-)

At the moment of checking on that db there were 12 undo segments and assuming the db was kept with them all the numbers are quite consistent. I've checked the maxconcurrency in v$undostat for a week before the incident - with the peak from the incident it was 4.4 on average and 2 as median, so exactly as You said kept very low. The transaction peak was obtained within less then 20 minutes - jump from around 100 tx to 100000 tx, so again as You said very high slope. And 12x34 is 408, which is quite close to 331 in maxconcurrency.

But I thought oracle db would create more undo segments, when needed. While here it seems it keeps with the number, which as I understand, is established during the db opening or the txn pressure is so high, the db is not able to init a new undo segment at certain point in time fast enough to be ready for increased number of txn and at this point some number of sessions would report ORA-01554 - which one is true?

And many thanks :-)

2018-06-29 11:34 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Lewis <>:

> Taking a quick guess:
> An (automatic) undo segment has 34 slots in the transaction table (the
> thing in the undo segment header).
> If you and up with a small number N of undo segments then you can't have
> more than 34 * N concurrent transactions active because each one needs a
> transaction table slot and the next attempt to start a transaction would
> see ORA-01554
> It seems a little unlikely that this would happan in typical system since
> Oracle would usually end up stealing an extent from an existing undo
> segment to use it as the first extent of a new undo segment. But it
> wouldn't be hard to set up a mechanism that started with a small number of
> undo segments in a relatively small undo tablespace - started some
> transactions (then leave them idle forever after the first change - e.g.
> they might have come in from a remote database) that made it impossible to
> free any extents, then did a lot of work to allocate all the extents (but
> still left a little space in allocated extents for continuting
> transactions), then started lots of transactions until you hit the error.
> Regards
> Jonathan Lewis
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> Subject: ORA-01554: transaction concurrency limit reached reason:no undo
> segment found with available slot params:0, 0 :
> Hi,
> lately I saw the error ORA-01554 and wonder in which circumstances it is
> possible to hit this error.
> Theoretically this is quite clear - the db hit the roof on concurrent
> transactions, but:
> - the database ( is auto undo management
> - transactions are set to 1647, transactions_per_rollback_segment to 5,
> but I believe those are simply default settings and according to docs those
> settings are ignored for automatic undo management
> - in docs it is stated the undo on AUTO is limited mostly by the undo
> tablespace size (but here this size was not depleted - overall there are
> ~524000 blocks with ~64000 used between midnight and 15 when the error was
> hit according to v$undostat and maximum query lasting below 1h)
> - also I would rather expect ORA-01652 on undo tablespace
> From what I've found it seems the db creates undo segments automatically
> and if no more space then assigns transactions to existing ones - but this
> is very imprecise.
> Anyone able to elaborate on that?
> Regards
> Remigiusz
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