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That's right, AND, if it is a windows .dll (rather than one you built yourself) you may have to point whatever looks for the windows .dlls to that library folder. If you can't find that environment variable you should be able to make a link (shortcut in windows land) from the 32bit version it is finding to the 64bit version. For the latter method, hilarity results if you also need to run 32bit programs on the 64bit OS, so it is better if you can point to the correct .dll file directly.

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Hi Robert,

you can run 32 bit software on 64 bit Windows (or Linux etc), but with that it's because you have the 32 bit application and 32 bit libraries etc.

What you cannot do is call out to a 32 bit library/dll from a 64 bit application and vice versa. So, extproc will require you to recompile your external libraries/dlls with a 64 bit compiler - if you have 64 bit Oracle installed.

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