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Hi Stefan,

thanks, thats interessting.
I am currently thinking of a much simpler solution though. We could set up a runner job under the Apps User Authority, The Job would receive a statement and bind variables, open the cursor but not fetch the data. Sorry that this is so prosaic.



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Hey Lothar,
today I had a little bit time to geek out and here is a working test case for what I've mentioned here (,1).

The process aborts with "ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel" right before/at fetching the data - so this should exactly fit your needs / security requirements :-)

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> Hi,
> you might know Kerry´s classic blog:
> Normally my work around for explain plan issues is to run the query and use dbms_xplan.display_cursor.
> Now I am working in an environment where I must not run a query, but I can do explain plan.
> But still I think I can not tolerate explain plan weaknesses.
> I think it should be possble to use DBMS_SQL to parse a statement and receive a proper plan without actually running the statement.
> Then use dbms_xplan.display_cursor.
> Before I spent time, has anybody done it already?
> Regards
> Lothar

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