Re: Database Encryption

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 10:43:51 +0000
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Quick and dirty check which may confirm it's purely the CPU impact of TDE.

AWR (or statspack) reports for matching time periods / batch runs with and without TDE

a) Is there little change at the report level in buffer gets, and pl/sql CPU time but a significant increase in CPU time. (check osstats, time model, as well as Top 10 for this)
b) Does the content of the Top SQL by CPU stay pretty much the same (SQL and execution count) with increased CPU (per execution)
c) Track the Top SQL by CPU to the TOP SQL by buffer gets, and Top SQL by physical reads are the gets/reads (per execution) consistent.
d) For "same SQL, significantly different costs per execution" check execution plans. (awrsqrpt.sql or equivalent).

Jonathan Lewis

From: <> on behalf of Arun Chugh <> Sent: 07 June 2018 05:36
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Subject: Re: Database Encryption

We are using TDE for encryption and also getting the wait event "CPU+wait for CPU" ... As an evidence we decrypt the database and it behaviour back to normal as it was prior to encryption.

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 09:31 Tim Gorman <<>> wrote: What evidence do you have that TDE has affected performance 40-50%?

Can you prove that there has not been a change in execution plans?

On 6/6/18 21:51, Arun Chugh wrote:

We have encrypted almost all the datafiles of the database, post that the performance of the database degraded to almost 40-50%

Could anyone suggest what is the other alternative method that we can use in order to secure data with bit performance impact.


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