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There are a few things here that need to be looked at if you want to cover all the possibilities and ensure a smooth migration.

  1. How is APEX used by the clients

Currently there's EPG (not likely in production), Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) with mod_plsql, Oracle REST data services (ORDS - formerly known as APEX Listener), or even if someone has been very adventurous, mod_owa over Apache.

To help determine what can be and can't be in use, a good starting point is to look at the database users you have in that database.

APEX_PUBLIC_USER, if it's unlocked (and particularly if you see connections) indicates OHS is used.
ORDS_PUBLIC_USER, if it's unlocked indicates ORDS is used. ANONYMOUS if it's unlocked indicates EPG is used.

It's also worth noting that these aren't mutually exclusive - you can run them all at the same time. You can run a standard APEX app via OHS and at the same time offer REST services via ORDS.

A good way to find out is to just connect to the APEX web interface with a browser and see what pops up on the database end (e.g. which users become active). Another indicator is the URL that's used to connect to APEX:

http://hostname/ords/apex indicates ORDS is used (but again, the file can be renamed and this would change the URL - the path used in the URL would have to correspond to the name of the war file you'd see running). http://hostname/* (on port 80) is more likely to be a real web server (OHS or Apache)
http://hostname:8080/apex is most likely EPG.

You can also look for the processes - for OHS or Apache, you'd see httpd processes, and for ORDS you'd see a .war file being run by java; usually it's called ords.war but it can be renamed. Also keep in mind that they can be offloaded - e.g. you can run OHS or ORDS on a different machine than the database, they don't need to be local.

For EPG, what MUST be the case if it's being used is that the XDB HTTP port is open. You can see that by either querying:

SQL> select dbms_xdb.gethttpport from dual;



.. here, zero means it's closed; or by checking your listener with lsnrctl status where you'd see an XDB endpoint (usually on port 8080).

2) Depending on 1) what else you need to move

Generally, exporting the workspace and application will work (see here for example )

If you're using EPG, it's likely that all the components the APEX app needs are inside the database (and stored in XDB).

However, if you're using OHS or ORDS, there may also be files referenced outside the database.

If you have access to the APEX environment, you can also take a look at SQL Workshop -> RESTful Services to see if any are configured.

Let us know what you find and if you need more information


On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 1:25 AM, Scott Canaan <> wrote:

> I will be running the install for Apex 5.4, which is the version I
> ultimately need to end up with. I am trying to figure out how to get the
> Apex 4.1 data migrated over so it isn’t lost when the upgrade to Apex 5.4
> is done.
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> I would think you would have to run the install since at least in 11G,
> APEX appears in dba_registry.
> >>> Rich J <> 6/5/18 1:54 PM >>>
> On 2018/06/05 07:19, Scott Canaan wrote:
> I have an application that uses Oracle Apex. We are just starting an
> application, Oracle, and O/S upgrade. I have to copy the Apex “install”
> from Oracle on Red Hat 6 to Oracle on Red Hat 7.
> Normally, I do a data pump import across the network to migrate the Oracle
> schemas, but I’ve been told that doesn’t work for Apex. I need to preserve
> the Apex version at 4.01 until the application upgrade, then it will be
> upgraded to the current version.
> Is it true that I can’t use Oracle data pump to copy Apex from one server
> to another?
> The correct answer is "it depends", of course. I suspect that if the
> webserver is the builtin EPG and there are no external files (custom
> images, CSS, etc), it *may* work. I'm not sure if APEX 4.x will work in an
> Oracle 12.1 DB either. If possible, I would upgrade the APEX version
> first, then migrate to another DB/server.
> I've only attempted migrations by using the APEX export/import
> application, but I'm using ORDS on Tomcat for the web and also external
> files. As always, test, and YMMV.
> GL!
> Rich

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