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From: Jeffrey Beckstrom <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 14:01:42 -0400
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I would think you would have to run the install since at least in 11G, APEX appears in dba_registry.
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On 2018/06/05 07:19, Scott Canaan wrote:

I have an application that uses Oracle Apex. We are just starting an application, Oracle, and O/S upgrade. I have to copy the Apex “install” from Oracle on Red Hat 6 to Oracle on Red Hat 7. Normally, I do a data pump import across the network to migrate the Oracle schemas, but I’ve been told that doesn’t work for Apex. I need to preserve the Apex version at 4.01 until the application upgrade, then it will be upgraded to the current version. Is it true that I can’t use Oracle data pump to copy Apex from one server to another?  

The correct answer is "it depends", of course. I suspect that if the webserver is the builtin EPG and there are no external files (custom images, CSS, etc), it *may* work. I'm not sure if APEX 4.x will work in an Oracle 12.1 DB either. If possible, I would upgrade the APEX version first, then migrate to another DB/server. I've only attempted migrations by using the APEX export/import application, but I'm using ORDS on Tomcat for the web and also external files. As always, test, and YMMV.

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