Sudden occurrence of SHARED_POOL LATCH waits - DB up since 4/3/2018

From: Chris Taylor <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 11:29:02 -0500
Message-ID: <>

version 12.1
Linux x86-64

EventWaitsTotal Wait Time (sec)Wait Avg(ms)% DB timeWait Class latch: shared pool 402,269 103.4K 256.95 29.5 Concurrency DB CPU 100.3K 28.6
latch free 362,927 42.2K 116.26 12.0 Other Background:
We've got a database with 4TB of RAM and a 260GB shared pool. Everything was running normally until 2 nights ago when a regularly scheduled job that does TONS of DDL suddenly blew up the shared pool.

Trying to query x$ksmsp for shared pool sizes is also causing huge amounts of latch waits.

When these jobs aren't running, the db is working normally. Starting just one of the jobs brings back the shared pool latching problem immediately.

I'm thinking the shared pool is heavily fragmented but am looking for additional queries or views I can use to diagnose shared pool problems. We're not running into any shared pool errors as far as memory allocations.

This query hangs and causes huge contention:

select ksmchcls "ChnkClass",

    sum(ksmchsiz) "SumChunkTypeMem",
    Max(ksmchsiz) "LargstChkofThisTyp",
    count(1) "NumOfChksThisType",
    round((sum(ksmchsiz)/tot_sp_mem.totspmem),2)*100||'%' "PctTotSPMem" from x$ksmsp,

    (select sum(ksmchsiz) TotSPMem from x$ksmsp) tot_sp_mem group by ksmchcls, tot_sp_mem.TotSPMem
order by 5;

This query runs fine and seems to indicate there is plenty of reserve space:

select free_space, round(avg_free_size,2) as
avg_free_size,free_count,max_free_size,used_space, round(avg_used_size,2)
as avg_used_size, used_count, max_used_size, requests, request_misses,
request_failures, last_failure_size, aborted_request_threshold, aborted_requests
from v$shared_pool_reserved

13435398168 236538.7 16023 27316040 319665968 5627.92 40777 1048552 10903867 0 0 0 0 2147483647 0

The Jobs in question do PARTITION EXCHANGES for many, many sites with temp tables that are built as part of the job.

The DB has been up since: 04/03/2018 07:12:23 and the last 2 days are the first time this has been seen and is repeatable by restarting any one of the jobs (there are 8 total)

Thinking about flushing the shared pool (or restarting db off hours) as a test to see if it resolves the issue (like throwing a grenade into a anthill resolves a problem with ants...not the best approach but might be effective)

Any thoughts/comments/insults?


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