Re: How does the FILTER operation work?

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2018 14:25:15 +0000
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Wrote it up, forgot to make a fuss about publishing it:

Jonathan Lewis

From: Jonathan Lewis
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Subject: Re: How does the FILTER operation work?


Flattery gets you everywhere!

I didn't find time to complete the write-up, so today's blog note is just a quick SQL*Plus tip, but I should finish the costing thing over the weekend and publish Monday.

Jonathan Lewis

From: Paul Houghton <> Sent: 25 May 2018 13:59
To: Jonathan Lewis; 'Oracle Mailinglist' Subject: RE: How does the FILTER operation work?

> I think you'll also find that the emplid is declared not null.


> I've done a little experimental work - the oddity of costing is all about the LOBINDEX. I'll > be writing a blog note about it tomorrow.

Thanks. It seems an achievement to be able to ask a question you consider worthy of a blog post. Now I just need to progress to answering them myself!

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