Quick Question as I can't find the answer (Advanced Compression)

From: Chris Taylor <christopherdtaylor1994_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2018 08:48:19 -0500
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If we (DBAs) want to specify compression on a Partition/Subpartition, which options are specific to Advanced Compression and which are not?

For example, this link says:
" Certain uses of
Online Move Partition require Advanced Compression: specifically, if the feature is used to move a partition or subpartition to a compressed format including Basic, Advanced Row, or Hybrid Columnar Compression." https://blogs.oracle.com/dbstorage/online-move-partition-to-any-compressed-format-a-lesser-known-feature-of-advanced-compression

I'm trying to find a simple answer on how to get compression and avoid advanced compression gotchas as we're not licensed to use it.


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