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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:03:59 -0400
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Some old dinosaur will also be there. One of my presentations is about why both you and the world are better if you volunteer, support, etc. the users groups. Highly non-technical, except possibly a bit about clearly thinking how you’re missing at least half the talent if you don’t include both genders in your volunteer recruiting. (It never occurred to me to leave anyone out of any demographic if they showed the least sign I could sucker them into helping, er, I mean convince them into helping.  

Both Kellyn and Tim are archetypal supporters of users groups. (Thank you.)  

I also have a technical paper that is equally applicable wherever your machine lives based on my old presentation on physical ordering but enhanced for the really cool new thing called zonemaps.  

The content catalog should be easy to use (let me know if it is not) and you should be able to see a *lot* that applies wherever your machine is.  

Register TODAY, because I think this is the last discount day.  


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Yes, Tim and I will be there...and very busy, it appears! :)  


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Anybody headed to IOUG Collaborate next week? I'll be there looking like cyborg with my popped eye blood vessel. I am seriously hoping it clears up by then. I already have a hard enough time talking to people.

Any good non cloud presentations to look for?


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