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From: Chris Taylor <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 18:37:54 -0500
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Situation: Standby database recovery using incremental backup from Prod

I've done this before on another db, but not regularly. Following note:

Steps to perform for Rolling Forward a Physical Standby Database using RMAN Incremental Backup. (Doc ID 836986.1)

It says:

On the standby database, find the SCN which will be used for the incremental backup at the primary database:

You need to use the 'lowest SCN' from the queries below:



SQL> select min(checkpoint_change#) from v$datafile_header where file# not in (select file# from v$datafile where enabled = 'READ ONLY'); MIN(F.FHSCN)


Problem is, on my physical standby I have several datafiles with 0 as the checkpoint_change#. (SYSAUX is one of them and we haven't added any datafiles to SYSAUX - datafile #2 which is the 2nd datafile ever created)

Does this mean I should use 0 as my starting SCN for the backup? I sure as hell hope not. I'm hopeful I can ignore a 0 there but I'm confused and I can't find an answer anywhere online.

(I've run into this before but can't remember if it mattered or if I did indeed need to take a level 0 backup at the primary)


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