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From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:10:50 -0600
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The considerations on UNIX/Linux are not different than on Windows. The propensity for growth of logs and traces in the $ORACLE_HOME are the same for Oracle on both platforms.

On UNIX/Linux the distinction between mount-points is a lot more subtle.  On Windows, you have drive letters.  In UNIX/Linux, you can place a mount-point anywhere at any level of the directory tree. For the sake of sanity, most UNIX/Linux system administrators do not take full advantage of that particular freedom, but every once in a while, you'll see something... surprising.

Anyway, your colleague is giving good advice, for several reasons. One reason I cited earlier, in that file-systems can isolate bad things from happening to each other to some extent, but there are other considerations, such as mounting different types of storage media for each.  Binaries don't need high-performance storage media, but Oracle database datafiles might.  Binaries don't take up much space, but even so you may not want to pay to support them with expensive SSD/Flash if it isn't necessary.  Or maybe you don't care.

On 3/28/18 13:48, Jeffrey Beckstrom wrote:
> We are coming from Windows. On Windows everything was on one drive
> letter (not the C drive). With the move to Linux, I was planning to
> put everything on one mount point since on Windows we rarely had I/O
> issues. Colleague is suggesting separate mount points.
> >>> Tim Gorman <> 3/28/18 3:43 PM >>>
> > Are you migrating from Windows, or from one of the proprietary UNIX's?
> If the former (Windows), then there are good reasons to separate
> binaries from database files, mainly having to do with growing log and
> trace files possibly filling the file-system and impacting the
> database (or OS, if you're only planning on one mount-point altogether).
> If the latter (UNIX), what did you do on proprietary UNIX? And why
> would you change?
> Either way, would you consider using Oracle ASM?
> On 3/28/18 13:34, Jeffrey Beckstrom wrote:
>> We are migrating to Linux. We are planning on storing the Oracle
>> binaries and datafiles on the same mount point. Should we rethink
>> this and separate them. The mount point points to a SAN if that matters.
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