Re: Replication options with ROWID updates

From: Rich J <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 08:29:45 -0500
Message-ID: <>

On 2018/03/28 04:30, Neil Chandler wrote:

> If you are doing updates by rowid, you need to set the appropriate level of supplemental logging to ensure that the relevant data (pk/uk/all columns) is captured in the redo regardless of the modification statement to ensure the row on the destination can be identified and manipulated. This will increase the amount of redo written and therefore have an impact on redo performance. PK supplemental logging will add minimal overhead, supplementally logging all columns may be devastating depending upon the size of each row.

And there's the piece of information I was missing. I already have minimal supplemental logging on, but only after much testing as our ERP processes, inserts, updates, deletes, and commits individual rows instead of rowsets. So there's high pressure on LGWR already.

With that lightbulb in my head now dimly glowing, I can get to work... :)

Thanks, Neil!


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