Replication options with ROWID updates

From: Rich J <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 08:55:47 -0500
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Hey all,

With the discussions around migrations and DR, I'm looking at a potential platform migration next year, from AIX to Linux. Our main 11.2 DB has ADG to a RO physical standby (same server -- we're swimming in CPU on that box) for ad-hoc reporting. We also have offsite DR that currently uses standard RMAN recovery.

My main goal for the migration task is to minimize downtime. I was thinking a limited term license for GoldenGate, but the recent threads here got me thinking. I have verified that there are a scant few UPDATE...WHERE ROWID statements in V$SGA, so that would seem to limit my options (that's why the ADG standby is physical). I've been trying to find any info online for the replication products that mention ROWID updates, but haven't found much besides GoldenGate.

Anyone using GG alternatives that have ROWID-based DML in their primary instance?

As an aside, I'm hoping that a solution could also be used for DR to reduce RTO without breaking the bank (i.e. DR database is offline with no Oracle binaries installed except for testing or a real disaster). And I'll be upgrading our 11.2 DBs to 12.1 this year. Just like I said I'd do _last_ year...



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