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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 16:46:44 +0000
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However that would make the clean up a lot easier. Assuming that orphan invoice details should not be hanging around.


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How do you want to partition those invoice details that aren’t associated with any invoice? The whole idea of reference partitioning is that partitioning cascades from the parent to the child, so there can’t be orphans.

Can you create a dummy invoice 0 and make that the default when the parent invoice is unknown? These would all go in one partition though, so if there are a huge number of them it might defeat the partitioning strategy.


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I am using oracle 12.2 version.
I have a partitioned table INVOICE by range that has a column ID as primary key. I have other table INVOICE_DETAIL that has a column FK_INVCE_ID NUMBER(20,0) that is a reference to INVOICE.ID<>

I tried to create a partition by reference and got this error.

ORA-14651: reference partitioning constraint is not supported

I cannot change the INVOICE_DETAIL. FK_INVCE_ID to NOT NULL, it must allow NULL.

Is there another way to create the partition by reference for INVOICE_DETAIL when the column FK_INVOICE_ID is filled ?


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