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What's your boss compiling the list for? If you are trying to hire a single person who does all that you're going to have trouble. If you have a whole team to fill then it seems reasonable. I always get nervous when somebody asks me for a list of DBA tasks.

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That's a pretty good list for the job as it is today. In a cloud world it will look quite different (half your list disappears) .

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        Hello Guru’s,          

        My boss is asking me to compile a list of typical job functions for a DBA. I came up with a brief list, but would like to hear any other recommendations that you might have. What he said was, “We don’t want to go into great detail, but not be too vague either. Somewhere between the 10,000ft and 1,000ft view.          

        Agile Work


        Change Deployment

        Database Design

        Database Install


        DR Activities (testing/maintenance)


        Performance Tuning/Monitoring

        Scripting DB/Host

        Solution Design


        Thanks in advance,          



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