RE: RMAN Incremental Strategy for Migrating VLDB

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How big is big?


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Thanks for sharing that, Is this the only way Transportable Tablespace? I was more of looking a DOC for below way. In general,Is this possible? Is there a DOC for this?

  1. Do a online backup and restore on new site(restore database)
  2. Take a incremental backup and again do restore (restore latest control file and do restore database) ---> like 2 or 3 iterations
  3. on cut-over day, take last incremental backup and then do (restore database and recover database)...
  4. alter database resetlogs; and open for users



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I think the this is the support note you were looking for "11G - Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 1389592.1)"


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On 17 February 2018 at 03:47, Balwanth B <<>> wrote: Thanks for the response , I will propose this to my management. On other side, can I still get a doc ID or link on how to do Rman incremental strategy for my educational purpose. Thanks in advance!!!

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> In that case a dataguard standby is really the way to go.
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>> Yes we are in EE
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