Re: Oracle RAC multiple Nic for Private network vs interconnect bonding

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 15:48:32 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Sanjay,

I have good experience with HAIP, too. Usually it causes less discussions w/ sysadmins and network staff, and is less prone to missing switchovers due to misconfigured bonding methods (or mis-coordinated ones, speaking of switch and bond configs).

Important, as Stefan already pointed out, use seperate networks for each "channel". But as I know from my current RAC project, just a little subnetting on your interfaces will do, don't mess with the sleeping network lions...

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> Betreff: Oracle RAC multiple Nic for Private network vs interconnect bonding

> Hi

> Can someone share his experience in using multiple NIC for Private network and
> therby focing Oracle to use multiple HAIP vs interconnect bonding. I had RAC
> setup where OS level Private network Bonding is not failing over due to one
> issue on NIC and causing Oracle cluster to bounce the node. This happen several
> time and so checking Oracle Docs that says that 11g(11.2) onwards it is
> recommended to use multiple nic and details from DOc is

> "With Redundant Interconnect Usage, you can identify multiple interfaces to use
> for the cluster private network, without the need of using bonding or other
> technologies. This functionality is available starting with Oracle Database 11
> g Release 2 ( If you use the Oracle Clusterware Redundant
> Interconnect feature, then you must use IPv4 addresses for the interfaces.
> When you define multiple interfaces, Oracle Clusterware creates from one to four
> highly available IP (HAIP) addresses. Oracle RAC and Oracle Automatic Storage
> Management (Oracle ASM) instances use these interface addresses to ensure
> highly available, load-balanced interface communication between nodes. The
> installer enables Redundant Interconnect Usage to provide a high availability
> private network.
> By default, Oracle Grid Infrastructure software uses all of the HAIP addresses
> for private network communication, providing load-balancing across the set of
> interfaces you identify for the private network. If a private interconnect
> interface fails or become non-communicative, then Oracle Clusterware
> transparently moves the corresponding HAIP address to one of the remaining
> functional interfaces."

> So want to check is someone is using and share the experience

> Sanjay
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