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Dave, try again,

Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability = ACID

LOL - Mark -

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> 2TB is in no way a limit

I would agree, it's just I don't jump to recommend it at that level. A database that size usually has other ...... complications?

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> Basically is what had been said previosly postgress is good for small business database not for bigger,
>personally I still found postgress better than mysql, based on what I read :).

I've worked with both.
I can make mysql outperform any database, including Oracle, on any dataset under 2TB. What I cannot do is make it ACID compliant and perform like that. mysql was originally designed for throughput, all transaction stuff is an addon and it shows.

The reason Uber went to mysql is they don't care. Throughput is most important to them. They can afford to deal with the inconsistencies because of the mass of data they have. After all most of their money comes from selling your trip data. And I'll bet you their payment processing system is not on mysql.

Oh no I used an abbreviation, I never even went to geek schoool. Calm down, I can do this:

A - Atomic?
C - Complete I know this one :)
I - Independant Know this one 2
D -

This is why I'm on the internet someone knows what the D is for, :)


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