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In the last few years, we have moved almost all of our applications from Solaris to RHEL (multiple Oracle EBS applications, Oracle SOA Suite, etc.) and during the same period, all new applications have been stood up on RHEL. The driving factor was primarily the cost associated with the SPARC HW. A 16-core M-Series server (which is now a legacy platform) is way more expensive than a 16-core UCS blade and not to mention, the latter was much faster than the former.

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On 12/17/2016 04:24 AM, Norman Dunbar wrote:
> For what it's worth, my current contract is a migration from Solaris
> to Microsoft Azure cloud.

That is interesting. A customer of mine has expressed intention to move from Solaris to Oracle Linux, the problem is that the customer is using TDE, as described in an earlier thread on this list. There is apparently a trend of moving from Solaris to Linux.

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