Re: Oracle DBA to PostGreSQL DBA?

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 08:51:17 -0700
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You can get great online training from EnterpriseDB for a few hundred dollars. They're always having sales and giving out discounts, but even at full-price the training is well worth it, especially for those with experience with other databases.

I don't think the market for PostgreSQL expertise is strong or sustained, and I don't think it provides many decent paying jobs by itself. I do think that having PostgreSQL expertise in addition to Oracle or DB2 or MSSQL increases one's value, especially for specific projects or products (i.e. Greenplum, etc).

The PostgreSQL feature set does not begin to compare to Oracle, DB2, or MSSQL, so I've only seen it used for embedded application repositories, but not for mission-critical enterprise database usage. Someone might be able to cite to the contrary?

I jumped at the opportunity to learn PostgreSQL on my own dime, and I enjoyed the project where it was used, and I still appreciate that experience, but I have not made my paycheck dependent on it.

Just my US$0.02...

On 12/16/16 08:19, Mike Killough wrote:
> Hi DBA's,
> I have been an Oracle DBA now for 20+ years and am maybe a little set
> in my ways. It is possible that at the company that I work at we might
> convert from Oracle to PostGreSQL in the future to save on licensing
> costs. I'm on the tail end of my career and part of me thinks it would
> be fun to do something different. The other part thinks I have too
> much invested in Oracle.
> I was curious what others on this list think. Bad career move? Decent
> paying jobs for PostGreSQL DBA's? Feature rich enough to be a good
> choice for a small company enterprise database?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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