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From: Ingrid Voigt <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 15:28:59 +0100
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What can be done on a snapshot standby is moving 500GB data, indexes and lobs from
one tablespace to another. The flashback took a while, but there were no problems.
After a few hours the database had been converted back to physical standby without
further input from me.
I believe the limits are the same you would have for a "normal" flashback database, i.e.
try to stay away from datafile operations.
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Betreff: Re: flashback a standby database
On 12/12/2016 05:35 AM, Howard Latham wrote:
RH 4
Oracle 11.2
I've searched but haven't found the usual list Oracle provides on limits to this feature. 
Does this mean I can do ANYTHING  to a standby database while it is activated then flash it back to a physical standby later? 

Well, I haven't tried anything drastic, like "DROP TABLESPACE <> INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES", but the testing that one of my clients was conducting did include add columns and constraints to the tables and then using regular DML. There were no problems. I think that "anything" means "anything within reasonable limits".


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