Re: Opinion for using PostgreSQL for production please

From: Laurent Leturgez <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 09:51:05 +0100
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Hi Juan,

During years, I worked for many customers that have PG and Oracle Databases. At the beginning, there were only Oracle and then PG comes and starts to replace Oracle Databases. But it was usually on new projects that started with PG. Each time managers starts to study the cost of a migration for an existing app from oracle to PG, the cost was too high and they preferred to run with Oracle. And it's always a good thing to have a challenger to Oracle and customers like to use this argument with Oracle sales.

Technically, the product is a good one with lots of interesting features, but some of them are not very easy to use: partitioning for example, parallel processing too. PG is multitenant by default, In memory column store is available as an extension, PG has not a real wait interface. PG is not available on engineered systems like Oracle etc.

PG is developed by a community and not by a company, but you have lots of contributors that works for these companies (2nd Quadrant, EDB, Dalibo etc.) and they usually supports customers' databases. But I remember a customer of mine asked for a 24/24 7/7 support for its PG databases (more than 600) and it was ... not so cheap as I could imagine because support was estimated by database and not by CPU core or sockets. Nowadays, you don't have one database per server and as far as I remember, Oracle support was cheaper in this case.
You have some products for backup and restore (barman for example), Enterprise manager equivalent etc but as there's no company behind these tools ... each PG support company have developed its own tool for such purpose.
So, usually, you have to do it yourself, test and build your own platform with the tools you chose ...

A last point is about skills ... Here in France, there are lots of Oracle DBA. The problem with PG is that, there's not as many PG DBA as Oracle ones and usually very high skilled ones worked for the PG supporting companies =) so it can be difficult to find good skills and what is rare is expensive :) But this point is very specific to France ...


2016-02-16 14:17 GMT+01:00 Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>:

> Hello, please can some one share experience on postgres sql :)
> Now standard one has died and customers has to move to standard, I am
> curious about postgresql, specially afters it was recommended.
> about any hidden and misterious detail, for small business
> 1. Customers
> I understand they can pay support, so they can perceive as something
> serious for their companies.
> 2. Development
> I had seen is strong enough
> 3. vs Oracle standard edition
> I don't think there is too much to compare with enterprise, but maybe with
> standard
> Thank you very much for any comment :)

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