Oracle shutdown on Wintel

From: Hubler, Daniel <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 15:06:04 +0000
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We have a few Oracle databases running on Wintel. In the past year, the Admins who take care of these Wintel hosts have started to patching MS-Windows on a monthly basis. So once-a-month we are going thru the routine of: download patches & reboot.

What we are experiencing is that the Oracle database software on those Wintel hosts is not shutting down gracefully. All we get is an error message in the alert log, followed by the messages showing the database being restarted.

I have talked to the guys who run MS-SQL databases and they are not experiencing this problem; that is, their stuff is shutting cleanly with each reboot.

I opened a case with Oracle support and got the following:

"The issue is addressed in bug 1912184 / bug 1638610. The bug 1638610 has been identified as "Not Feasible to fix". The reason for this is that once the Microsoft command to shutdown has been issued, the dll security.dll is unregistered before the 'net stop' command is given time to execute properly.
Oracle has no control over the algorithm used by Microsoft when Windows is shutdown and thus cannot force adherence to the values of registry parameter 'ORA_SID_SHUTDOWN' and by extension 'ORA_SID_SHUTDOWNTYPE' at Windows shutdown time."

Is this accurate?
Is everyone running Oracle database software on Wintel living thru this same scenario?

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Hubler
Database Administrator Sr.
Aurora Healthcare

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