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You need to look at your actual license contracts with Oracle and see if they are listed "perpetual" meaning you own them in perpetuity. If they are not termed as perpetual, then yes you would not be able to use them on the servers in question. Really depends on how your specific contract was written.  

However, you also have to look at all your Oracle contracts and if your company ever signed one that references the internal contracts web page for Oracle which Oracle can update at will. It is on those contract pages that Oracle actually states you must maintain all licenses you own under support to have support at all on any license. This of course is to stop people from maintaining support for one license and using it for all other licenses.  

Went through a contract negotiation with Oracle a few years back and wanted to drop licenses on a single server as the new Software for that server had the Oracle licenses included but was precluded from doing so based on the contract language in 1 of 8 contracts the company had signed for licensing and support. The only way for it to happen was to remove the licenses from the server in question and sign off with Oracle that we wanted to remove that license from out contract, which of course wasn't useful as we were trying to not re-up the licensing for the server as it was going to be replaced 3 months after its contract renewal date.

Also there is other language on that contracts page that states any time there is a change to a contract, Oracle can renegotiate the price of the overall contracts. Normally means, you never pay less than you are already paying for less licenses and support.  

This is why contracts really need to be reviewed by lawyers.  

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Subject: dropping oracle support - can't use software ?  


      We've been asked to explore the possibility of dropping Oracle

support for a specific application. The plan is to retire this application

sometime in the next 18-24 months, but management is looking some

money now.

      The support contracts for this environment run over $300k.

I spoke to an Oracle contract person about canceling our support.

This person mentioned that if we do, we will not be legally able

to run any Oracle software on these servers.

      Has anyone come across this ? We've purchased the license

so why can't we run the software, but drop the support ?  

        Your feedback is appreciated.  


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