Re: Cloud Control vs. Ignite

From: Ludovico Caldara <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:10:54 +0200
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Hi Michael,
with the Diagnostic Pack you have all the information you need for drill down, you can leverage your ASH data, get ASH reports and more. it's a real gold mine! If you are not too many DBAs in your company I would consider Lighty for Oracle from OraChrome, it provides great visualization and drill-down of your ASH data, much better than what you get with EM12c or Ignite.

2015-06-29 23:48 GMT+02:00 Michael Cunningham <>:

> We are rethinking our licensing with Ignite and want some advice from the
> Oracle-L group.
> We currently have Ignite and it is $33K per year for licensing. We also
> have Oracle Diagnostic Pack and Oracle Cloud Control.
> We are curious as to if anyone has done the switch from Ignite to Cloud
> Control and missed things they had in Ignite. One concern with dropping
> Ignite is the ease of drilling into time slots (10 min, 60 min, etc.) and
> finding problem queries and then drilling into the query to find the waits
> associated with it. I harly know Cloud Control so can't answer the question
> myself so any input would be greatly appreciated.
> --
> Michael Cunningham
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