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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 13:17:47 -0700 (PDT)
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So, you’re not quite looking for Level 4 HA.   I’d recommend reviewing the options for Active/Passive failover .  Assuming your DB will be failed over in a similar fashion (Service Guard, etc?).   You can’t just lose the Repository, it doesn’t work that way… even if you don’t care about history.  You’ll need HA for the OMS + Repository + SWLIB…  


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I thought my response was delayed before replying to Pete. Apparently, i didn't do Reply all. doh!.




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Thanks Niall and Pete for your input.


Idea is to have a VM dedicated to host OMS and it's repository (12c DB) to manage targets in site A, separate from application DBs running on Likewise, there will a VM dedicated in site B.


I saw the HA options you pointed out for EM and I was trying avoid EE license for data guard;). For the requirement i have, it is okay to lose historically collected data when we switch sites for monitored targets. If both sites target can't be registered to 2 OMSs, then i guess it leaves me with one option.


Site A 

Register all DB/GI targets to Site A's OMS + Site B's Data Guard Standby DB.


Site B

Register all DB/GI targets to Site A's OMS, except Data Guard Standby DB.


HA will be provided at host level using VM cold start failover.


I believe, this approach avoids EM licensing altogether which i need to work with Oracle to triple confirm.




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