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From: Pete Sharman <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 23:53:12 +1000
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You would be far better off with a single EM installation on a 3rd site. It is never a Good Idea ™ to have EM installed on a monitored host.  


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Subject: 12c EM Cloud Control Design  

Hello Everyone,  

We have 2 sites for e.g. A and B, separated by 500 Miles. 2 systems in there, one has Data Guard setup, replicating data in performance mode, Async. This is a single database instance managed by Oracle GI. Another system is a 2 node Standard Edition RAC/ASM and it's data replicated via SAN replication to site B. We wanted to manage both systems via 12c EM Cloud Control, without having a 3rd site C. Both systems are in, Linux 6.x.  

I'm trying to come up with a design such that even if one sites goes down, minimal actions are performed in other site to get EM to monitor the targets which gives a sort of HA. Idea is to have EM/OMS per site and have respective site's target register to both sites OMS.  

I believe targets can register to multiple OMS's Or is this even possible?  

Any other ideas/suggestions are appreciated as well.




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