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My opinion (and I think it’s shared fairly widely) is that OCA & OCP only prove that you can retain information and recall it well enough to pass a multiple-choice test or 3. There’s no practical application of the information in those. It’s a general shortcoming of multiple choice tests. When the business has ground to a halt because the database is down, regurgitating facts correctly doesn’t matter. Applying knowledge does. For an analogy, a “good” buffer cache hit ratio doesn’t tell me that a database is performing well any more than having an OCP tells me that you can be a dependable DBA, nor does it disqualify you from being a dependable DBA.

OCM seems to me that it tests real-world scenarios. The depth of knowledge and application that goes into it probably renders an applicant more qualified for the “Lead” portion of my job title than me, assuming they’re not already a highly paid consultant. With all that said, if you hold Oracle certifications, are eligible to work in the US and willing to live and work in a flyover state, I’d still be happy to chat off list.

T. J.

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Been following this thread with interest.

Not sure if I might've missed it, but what role does having some sort of certification (OCA, OCP or OCM) have in this equation ? In addition, if said certification is not with the latest release, does that still have value ?


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