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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 11:53:59 +0100
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Best I've ever heard of - I don't believe it to be apocryphal..
"I see you currently work in a RAC environment?"
"What steps would you take to perform an incomplete database recovery for
one of your RAC databases"
"I'd choose option 6 from our dba menu"

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 8:49 AM, Herald ten Dam <> wrote:

> We ask something similar in candidate interviews: the business complains,
> our application doesn't work, what will you do?
> We had a candidate and gave the next answer: reboot your PC! Interview
> ended!
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> On 06/04/2015 07:20 PM, MacGregor, Ian A. wrote:
> A person who answers a question such as “A ticket is opened stating
> database is unreachable. What do you do?” with I call “networking”, does
> more harm to his chances, than
> a person who does not have everything about Oracle committed to memory.
> That is an example of a good question, because it forces the candidate to
> describe the process. Another good question is: "a call comes in, it's a
> business analyst who claims that the database is slow. What do you do to
> resolve the problem?". I also like the questions about the issues
> encountered in the candidates previous positions, with the procedure used
> to solve them. There are two things that are essential with the DBA
> personnel:
> 1. The candidate knows and understands the tuning process.
> 2. The candidate knows and understands the business process. If at any
> point the candidate answers with "and then I restart the instance" and does
> not react to warnings about change control and the approval process, then I
> know that I have a loose cannon in front of me.
> Essentially everything else can be understood ad hoc, from the literature,
> except the tuning process and the business process. For that, one needs to
> be well read and have some experience.
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