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Did you do a quick search in the list archibe..

There have been some email exchanges in the past on this topic  

See if below helps  

References: How To setup TNS listener to Show More Than one Timezone (Doc ID 399448.1)

Reference: How to set different timezone when starting up cluster DB? (Doc ID 351534.1)      

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Subject: SYSDATE time different from server time  


We are trying to migrate a database from a standalone server to a server that hosts many databases. The problem is that the server time is different from the time currently used (different time zone). The application calls SYSDATE. The application can't be modified and there are many years of data with the current time setting.  

Is there a way to have SYSDATE return a time different from the server? Like a few hours ahead or behind?  

Oracle version  

Thank you,

Dennis Williams

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