RE: EM DG switchover across EM repositories?

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I could, but what I'm trying to avoid is crossing the atlantic for agent to EM communication.



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You can add a database too more than one EM repository. Which should resole your issue.

Thanks, Matt
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Both targets would need to be in the same EM repository for EM to handle this switchover.

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Subject: EM DG switchover across EM repositories?


Does anyone know if it's possible to perform a Data Guard switchover (from within EM) from primary to physical standby where each is registered in a different EM repository? We have DG configured so that the primary dbs are in the UK and the physical standbys are in the US. The UK targets are registered with a UK repository and the US targets are registered with a US repository. Ideally we'd use EM for the switchover but I haven't been able to confirm if this is possible or not using separate EM repositories.

Obviously actually performing the test will show me but I've been asked to draw up all the steps and tests ahead of time, get everything ready and meet various project plan deadlines with all this BEFORE doing anything, which is why it's critical for me to know ahead of time if it's even possible. I didn't see any references to doing this with separate EM repositories in the doc and while I have an SR open with Oracle for confirmation, I'm struggling in getting them to understand my question.

The configuration consistents of multiple 2 to 4-node RACs on each side (UK and US), database ver is The complexity for now is that the US dbs are registered in a 12c repository whereas the UK dbs are registered in a 11g repository. Once FW rules are pushed tomorrow night I should be able to move those 11g-registered dbs to a 12c repository in the UK.




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