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From: Marian Bednar <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 08:11:21 +0200
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there are 2 possible solutions

set for both databases "Y" and also for both databases set hidden parameter "_query_on_physical" = FALSE - this parameter prevent to open standby database.

another solution is to use Oracle Restart, which manage startup of db after reboot/crash
DG Broker should change start option for databases after failover/switchover, but there were several bugs (1 year ago) more informations in

Bug 12596559 - CRS NEEDS TO HAVE DATABASE ROLE BASED START_OPTIONS Bug 20162008 : CRS START_OPTIONS DO NOT FOLLOW DATAGUARD STANDBY STATE EVEN WITH PSU4 according to my comunication with oracle support "Both bugs 15986647 and 12596559 are fixed in 12.1 not in"


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Subject:        Automatic startup after FSFO
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I have setup FSFO using an Observer server and everything seems to be working fairly well. The one point that we are struggling with is what happens to out start up scripts once a switch over has occurred.  

So say we have production on server1 and standby on server2 and our observer is running on server3. We have modified/created database startup scripts to use the /etc/oratab and use the flag at the end to start the databases. If it has “Y” it starts as a normal database. If it has “S” it starts as a standby database, and “N” does not start it at all.  

So after a failover to the standby, the /etc/oratab on server2 would have an “S” and it would not be the primary and need to be started normal. Server1 would be the standby with an “Y’. but need to be started in Standby mode.  

I know I can change them if I know there was failover, but what if something happens before I can change the values.  


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