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From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 20:37:37 -0600
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It used to be that support cost 22% of the full retail license price, leading to a situation where some entities with more than a 78% discount pay far more for support than licenses.

But if I recall correctly, 15% was for the ability to use "" and 7% was for upgrades and patches, or maybe it was the other way around?

On 5/26/15 20:22, Hans Forbrich wrote:
> On 26/05/2015 7:00 PM, Stojan Veselinovski wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Recently I've had discussions and know of companies that have decided
>> to not pay the Oracle support licence and do it via a third party.
>> Anyone know the ins and outs of this?
>> Are you able to receive patches via the third party seeing you are
>> not paying support?
>> Regards,
>> Stojan
>> <>
> One needs to realize that part of the Support offering is the access
> to patches and upgrades that are only available through Oracle Support
> system. Anyone offering to distribute these is [likely] violating a
> bunch of agreements, unless they have cut a sweetheart deal with
> Oracle - unlikely as it undermines Oracle's significant revenue stream.
> At one time, Oracle offered a 2-tier support deal - support only
> (access to metalink and analyst assistance) and patches. Seems that
> may have disappeared.
> There are a couple of interesting articles on the topic - not
> favourable for the support provider
> -
> -
> On the other hand, some organizations are properly and successfully
> providing a support contract that effectively resembles remote DBA
> services. Some companies that do this are actually very good at it
> and I would encourage considering using those services - if appropriate.
> /Hans

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