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From: Diego Cutrone <>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 15:34:04 -0300
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Hi David, agree with Ron. Oracle works on CENTOS, I currently have Oracle 11g RDBMS and GI running in a Centos 6.5 – but for testing purposes only. I don’t think this is supported/certified by Oracle at all..  

HTH Diego  

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Yeah it's easy to spoof a CentOS server to look like RHEL or OEL to the OUI. The problem is when you need help from Oracle Support on a prod database. You don't want to give them any reason to not help you because you didn't follow their rules.  

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 12:28 PM, David Ramírez Reyes <> wrote:

Just from the Oracle installation, you will receive a message saying that the Linux distro is not supported by Oracle and then the Oracle SW can't be installed; that's one of the first checks that Oracle specifies on the Installation documentation, check that your OS is supported for Oracle DB.  

Am sure there are tricks to force it, but you have no warranty on that.  

Good luck!

On Sunday, 24 May 2015, Don Seiler <> wrote:

The bigger concern would be that CentOS is not supported by Oracle (as far as I know). If they created an SR and Oracle support found out they were on centos then they could balk on providing any help.

On May 24, 2015 11:16 AM, "David Hicken" <> wrote:

One of my client's SysAdmins wants to move their Oracle DB from RHEL 5 to a version of CentOS (5?). I have never done his kind of thing. I googled but couldn't find anything definitive.

I'm wondering if the database files, etc. can be moved and brought up under the new CentOS, or if I have to move it through RMAN or the like. Is it an in place upgrade? Will the binaries need re-installed or re-linked? This is new to me.

Does anyone have some pointers/ articles / MOS posts/ support pages to which they can direct me?

Thanks, all.

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