Re: hp to linux...Redhat upgrade ?

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 22:51:11 -0400
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How big is your database?

On 5/19/2015 11:09 AM, max scalf wrote:
> Hello List,
> I wanted to get some thought from the list with regards to our
> migration plan. We have an oracle database( running on HP
> paric 11.11 and we want to move to Linux 6.5 and oracle We
> have moved couple of our system from HP 11.31(oracle 11g) to Linux
> 6.5(oracle 11g) using cross platform incremental transportable
> tablespace. My question is how does one goes about using the same
> process for 10g to 11g migration and also hp to linux. When i say
> Linux i am talking about RedHat.
> We were thinking to do the following
> * Install oracle version on Linux(5.5), cant use 6.5 as
> oracle 10.2 is not supported with 6.5
> * If we do above, then i can migrate to followed by an
> upgrade to 11g
> * But the step above poses another huddle, oracle 11g is not
> supported on Linux 5.5
> * so would we upgrade the RHEL version to 6.5 --> but if we upgrade
> to 6.5 and oracle remains on 10g that is not supported
> I know we can use Golden Gate for something like this but we are
> trying to find a cheap options and not have additional cost(Golden
> gate), also if we were to go down using Golden Gate i am guessing
> Golden Gate version 10 is probably not supported for HP 11.11(source
> server).
> What has the community done for such a migration project?

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA

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