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From: Jack Applewhite <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 16:08:22 +0000
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Depends on your DB size(s). We moved/upgraded our DBs from RH Linux servers to Oracle ODAs (Oracle Linux 5.9) via DataPump Export/Import. Largest DB was about 500GB. It worked perfectly for about 20 DBs.

We'll do the same in the near future for migrating the data from our old 9i ERP database on HPUX to our new ERP on the ODAs, only we'll have to use legacy exp/imp for that.

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Adding mailing list..

Even if i ran oracle on 5.5, i would still have to upgrade linux to 6.5(as that is our new standard)...and i think that might be a trivial task..

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:49 AM, D Kennel <<>> wrote: Per Metalink Note 880989.1 (Requirements for installing Oracle 11gR2 RDB MS on RHEL/OEL 5x64), RDBMS 11.2.0.x can be installed on linux 5.2 and greater, so should work on 5.5 as you're proposing. I went from Tru64 to RHEL 4 using exp/imp, but haven't used transportable tablespaces, so not sure on that part of it, though...


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Subject: hp to linux...Redhat upgrade ?

Hello List,

I wanted to get some thought from the list with regards to our migration plan. We have an oracle database( running on HP paric 11.11 and we want to move to Linux 6.5 and oracle We have moved couple of our system from HP 11.31(oracle 11g) to Linux 6.5(oracle 11g) using cross platform incremental transportable tablespace. My question is how does one goes about using the same process for 10g to 11g migration and also hp to linux. When i say Linux i am talking about RedHat.

We were thinking to do the following

  • Install oracle version on Linux(5.5), cant use 6.5 as oracle 10.2 is not supported with 6.5
  • If we do above, then i can migrate to followed by an upgrade to 11g
  • But the step above poses another huddle, oracle 11g is not supported on Linux 5.5
  • so would we upgrade the RHEL version to 6.5 --> but if we upgrade to 6.5 and oracle remains on 10g that is not supported

I know we can use Golden Gate for something like this but we are trying to find a cheap options and not have additional cost(Golden gate), also if we were to go down using Golden Gate i am guessing Golden Gate version 10 is probably not supported for HP 11.11(source server).

What has the community done for such a migration project?

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