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Sadly, the gateway is not free. List price for Database Gateway for SQL Server is $17,500 USD per *computer* (not processor).

I am in complete agreement with the comment that sql server --> oracle is a cheaper and effective path to take (if possible). I don't know if it's easier since I have never had the luxury of using an oracle-supplied gateway. :)


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Patrice writes:

> I have been asked whether it is possible to connect Oracle on AIX to
> SQL Server.
> are there odbc drivers for AIX?

Yes, and google can help you there, but maybe Database Gateways (successor to Transparent Gateways) would be a more stable and/or supported method?

IIRC, the license is included with the DB, but you'll need to check that...

Also, depending on what you need, going from SQueaL Server to Oracle is much simpler to do. Just install a compatible Oracle Client on the SQueaL Server server and use a Linked Server in SS. The driver then becomes SS instead of Oracle, if that's workable for your situation.



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