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From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 18:47:46 +0100
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No such thing as stupid questions. Just those you don't know the answer to yet. Listener configuration is controlled by the listener.ora file. If no name is given to the parameters then they apply to the default listener (imaginatively named LISTENER). Listener operation (controlled eventually) by lsnrctl also operates on this listener by default. Passing a listener name, or using set current _ listener will change the listener you are working with.

If you are working with clusterware then the tools change but the same principle applies.

You can also use netmgr/netca to manage this.

The listener parameters in init.ora point to a local and or remote listener that the database should register its services with.

I'm unclear why these days you would have a listener entry in tnsnames at all. Likely for use with the parameter file parameters.

This is documented in the fine manuals but I'm on a train so can't give chapter and verse.
On 13 May 2015 18:29, "Zelli, Brian" <> wrote:

> Ok, really stupid question. How do I know the exact name of my
> listener? In my init.ora? in my tnsnames.ora? When I grep for it in unix?
> They all seem to be showing me something different……..
> Brian
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