Re: Using Apex display files

From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 07:32:03 -0700
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> 1. Is it better to load all 200k files (pdf, jpeg, tiff etc., about
> 60g total - average size 300k each ) into the database as blobs and display
> them from the database? Or is it better to leave them on the file system?

I always recommend to developers to store files on the file system. A relational database is best used to store relational data, including metadata about the files, so that they can be joined and cross-referenced to other data. The data in files don't belong to this category. Secondly, RDBMS backup has a higher standard on consistency and is generally more resource intensive. Leaving files on the file system makes backup easier, and restore way much easier and faster. Lastly, LOB is more cumbersome to manipulate than plain varchar2 and number types, and (maybe up to the recent SecureFiles LOBs) less performant.

The benefit of storing file data inside the database is that you can bring the data anywhere in one go, and in case of RAC, you don't need to worry about which node is used to store the files, if they must be on the database server. But the first benefit is too trivial. The second is irrelevant in most cases since the files are often accessed through a Web server, the natural location for those files.

Yong Huang

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