Re: Using Apex display files

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 08:12:51 -0500 (CDT)
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Hey Ken,

> 1. Is it better to load all 200k files (pdf, jpeg, tiff etc., about
> 60g total - average size 300k each ) into the database as blobs and display
> them from the database? Or is it better to leave them on the file system? is
> there a way to bulk load all 200k files? I searched and could find a
> document that was clear guide to doing so, anything I found assumed too much
> prior apex knowledge.

"better" is subjective, but in this case "easier" may be a winner. Filesystem is the way I'd go, provided that doesn't cause issues with your customer (e.g. files could be directly linked w/o going through the app).

> 2. How would I display the file if stored as a blob?

Not needed if filesystem is used. :)

> 3. How does Apex recognize the file to be able to display it? I tried
> using http://servername/drive/path/file1.pdf but all i get is a 404 error. I
> assume there has to be some configuration so apex knows which directory they
> are in and to server.

The URL is likely being handled by your webserver and not by APEX. Think of APEX as a webapp run by your webserver. The PDF URL you have is more like a simple JPG file, which Apache or whatever you're using will handle. So this would likely be a webserver configuration issue.

Speaking of which, have you configured REST Data Services and Tomcat, or are you using another method for serving up APEX pages?


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