Re: Direct NFS and ZS3

From: Fernando Jose Andrade <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 11:16:09 -0500
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Thanks Freek

As far as I see it’s a 10Gbps ethernet by fiber connector. The LUNs are provisioned by iSCSI.

The database is, but it’s not on production yet.

I don’t know if this configuration is worst than DNFS, I have read around the web that DNFS beats iSCSI but I haven’t tried response times with ORION or SLOB yet.

I wonder.. if I use ASM over DNFS I make zero filled files with dd and then I feed ASM with them as disks? I have read Yuri's Velikanov post about no penalty in using ASM over DNFS but the configuration is not as clear as I wanted. ( <>)

Thanks for your time.


> On 05 May 2015, at 02:15, Freek D'Hooge <> wrote:
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>> Fernando,
>> You can use dNFS directly, without needing ASM on top of it.
>> For ocr / voting disks you can use "normal" kernel NFS.
>> If you are using oracle 12c, you should have a look at the nfs_version parameter in the oranfstab to set it to "nfsv4.1", which will allow the appliance to set the record size correctly for the different types of files.
>> (But check first if solaris is supported).
>> One question though: how much bandwidth to you have now with the FC connection and how much bandwidth with the ethernet connection?
>> regards,
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