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From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 16:44:43 +0000
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No, it means the root block IS the leaf block.

There's only one block in the index; add a few more (indexable) rows to the table and the block will split, and become a root block with two leaf blocks below it.

Jonathan Lewis

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Subject: Index - Blevel


BLEVEL has a value of 0 and LEAF_BLOCKS has a value of 1. Does this mean the index consists of the root block and 1 leaf block? The blevel doesn’t include the root block in its value?

SQL> select index_name,blevel,leaf_blocks

  2 from dba_indexes

  3 where owner=user

  4 and index_name like '%TEST5_LAST_NAME_IDX%'

  5 /

INDEX_NAME                         BLEVEL LEAF_BLOCKS

------------------------------ ---------- -----------

TEST5_LAST_NAME_IDX                     0           1



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