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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 10:15:03 -0800 (PST)
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I'd start with 2. If it's your acct, maybe you could try another persons acct, but usually it's a lock down issue.

You need access to the following via 443/https

can you see any error messages regarding these sites or MOS in the emoms*.log files? ../gc_inst/em/GCDomain/sysman/logs

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Subject: MOS credentials in EM12c


I have managed to bring an EM12c server to life on OL6 and add the repository host & db as targets. I'd like to install some Windows agents, but I can't get EM12c to connect to Oracle Support. I have confirmed connectivity with No Proxy, but when I enter my credentials, it returns " Unable to complete network operation against My Oracle Support. Please check network connectivity to Oracle Support Site."

Here's what I know
I can log into MOS web interface from the app server I get the same message when attempting to supply garbage as credentials (it's not attempting to validate my username & password) Sysadmins have whitelisted the application server

I can conceive of this as a problem in at least one of 3 places: 1. There's some setting in Weblogic that I'm not familiar with preventing the communication 2. There's some firewall rule blocking the port that EM is using to connect to MOS 3. There's some setting on my MOS account preventing this. (the more I think about this, the less likely it seems)

Has anyone run into this?

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