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Thanks everyone for help.

I am using EC2 AWS cloud instances with RHEL 7 and they are using XEN visualization. I am not sure if I can change something outside from OS, like I can do for VMware or OVM.

I test a bit with disk names and it seems they I always have same names for devises path. So now I removed some options from UDEV conf file and it works.

KERNEL=="xvdg", SYMLINK+="oracleasm/asm-data3" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"

So I don't have UUID , I don't use UUID. Is it good enough or can be some side effects ?

P.S. This is not prod system.


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I did a blog entry on this in August. See if this helps. Also if you are using VMware vmdk's I think there is an option to generate SCSI id's.

 Find the section in the blog that talks about rhel 7 for the rules:

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On Feb 16, 2015, at 5:59 AM, Ls Cheng <> wrote:

looking the device name it looks like the system is a virtualized guest?

AFIAK scsi_id does not return anything for virtual disks

In OVM Guests for example, this is from a RAC running in OVM, what we do is in vm.cfg we bind the physical disks to xvd* disk in the guest, for example:

disk =


and in the guest udev file we have this

KERNEL=="xvdb1", NAME="asm_crsdata01p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvdc1", NAME="asm_crsdata02p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvdd1", NAME="asm_crsdata03p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvde1", NAME="asm_dgdata01_01p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvdf1", NAME="asm_dgdata01_02p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvdg1", NAME="asm_dgfra01_01p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660"
KERNEL=="xvdh1", NAME="asm_dgfra01_02p1" OWNER="grid", GROUP="asmadmin", MODE="0660" in VMWARE yuo can get guest UUID by setting EnableUUID to TRUE but I dont think there is anyway in OVM

You need to ask Amazon what sort of Virtualization they are using


On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:42 PM, Out <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for reply.
> I tried also what is mentioned on Oracle document which you send me but
> result is same again no output.
> /usr/lib/udev/scsi_id --whitelisted --replace-whitespace
> --device=/dev/xvdj1
> ------
> When I am running blkid I have some output.
> blkid
> /dev/xvda2: UUID="668dbd02-c201-44bc-be76-f606fc9ab8db" TYPE="xfs"
> PARTUUID="9146b810-9a31-4c10-a206-01b0bbaca807"
> /dev/xvda3: UUID="4724e874-741e-49a0-8826-58caca0feae7" TYPE="xfs"
> PARTLABEL="primary" PARTUUID="1229ed73-0343-4233-b2d8-6876162af9c6"
> /dev/xvdj1: UUID="4b3dd71d-e685-4d1e-9a95-06958dfd4c1f" TYPE="xfs"
> So I guess that the problem is not from Amazon EC2......?
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> On 16 February 2015 at 12:11, Mladen Gogala <>
> wrote:
>> You're doing it wrong. Here is the right way for EL7:
>> On 02/16/2015 05:43 AM, Out wrote:
>> Dear,
>> I need to setup ASM. Because I am using RHEL 7 I cannot find kmod-asm
>> package in repository. I guess is not yet available for RHEL 7 unlike for
>> RHEL 6.6......????
>> So I am trying to set up UDEV for ASM. My problem is when I need to get
>> disk id for UDEV rules I get nothing, Command is not returning anything.
>> /usr/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -u -d /dev/xvdj1
>> My instance is in EC2 in AWS.
>> Can this be because this is EC2 instance or I am doing something wrong.
>> Please if someone have experience with this help me.
>> Thanks
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