Re: What do others do for database file mounts

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 16:04:50 -0600 (CST)
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Andy posts:

> We are moving to Fibre Channel connections with all of our storage on a Net
> App storage unit. One of the questions we got from our system admins was if
> we could limit the number of mounts that they provide us for out datafiles.
> With the newer disk technology that we all use, is it still important to
> segregate mounts for redo, CFs, datafiles, Archive logs, etc? I know Oracle
> stands firm that best practices are to segregate these files into separate
> mounts. Iā€™m wondering what others do and if there is a compelling reason
> to continue this practice?

The main reason I kept the split on a new AIX v7.1 server is because the old AIX 5.3 server had experienced JFS2 filesystem corruption. Luckily this was easily correctable with a fsck, but it scared me enough to still keep everybody separated, including mountpoints for each of the three controlfiles. This is on an LPAR, so all storage is on the SAN (XIV).

Also, in a disk space emergency, I don't want to worry about trying to figure out what could be filling a mountpoint that's shared by redos, archived redos, RMAN backups, MP4s of kittens, etc., or the ramifications to all of the above should the MP fill completely. One bucket per item makes targeting potential problems and their respective solutions easier.

For this solo DBA, at least. YMMV.

My $.02,

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