Re: ASM Disgroup Mount

From: Maclean Liu <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 23:09:47 +0800
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 hi Sanjay,

 1、get the amdu output of that effected diskgroup .

amdu -diskstring '<ASM_DISKSTRING>' -dump '<DISKGROUP_NAME>' -noimage

2、gather kfed read output from all disk

#! /bin/sh
rm /tmp/kfed_DH.out /tmp/kfed_FS.out /tmp/kfed_BK.out /tmp/kfed_FD.out /tmp/kfed_DD.out /tmp/kfed_PST.out
for i in `ls /dev/rhdisk*`
echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_DH.out
kfed read $i >> /tmp/kfed_DH.out
echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_FS.out
kfed read $i blkn=1 >> /tmp/kfed_FS.out
echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_BK.out
kfed read $i aun=1 blkn=254 >> /tmp/kfed_BK.out echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_FD.out
kfed read $i aun=2 blkn=1 >> /tmp/kfed_FD.out echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_DD.out
kfed read $i aun=2 blkn=2 >> /tmp/kfed_DD.out echo $i >> /tmp/kfed_PST.out
kfed read $i aun=1 blkn=2 >> /tmp/kfed_PST.out done

above information may help troubleshoot this problem.



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On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 10:54 PM, Sanjay Mishra <>

> Getting issue on AIX diskgroup
> ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
> ORA-15040: diskgroup is incomplete
> ORA-15042: ASM disk "2" is missing from group number "3"
> Checked Disk_number 2 is corresponding to /dev/rhdisk23 and also
> v$asm_disk is showing it with Header_status MEMBER.
> Issue started when someone by mistake added wrong OCR disk into the DATADG
> and cause the crash. Wrong disk was removed at that time along with one
> more disk 2 but after date OCR was restored from backup, it look like
> Oracle might be reading Disk from some OCR metadata or somewhere and
> looking for Disk 2.
> As this is 30Tb Diskgroup and so want to bring the Diskgroup up with
> removing any disk and then recover the database instead of restoing 30T
> which will take days.
> Permission on the Disks are correct on all nodes along with Owner.
> Environment also has 6 more diskgroup and all of them are up and has
> corresponding database running.
> So need to know as what other steps that can be done to bring diskgroup up
> with even removing this affected diskgroup. Is this information about the
> disk are stored in any other place like OCR and as OCR is restore where
> disk 2 was removed earlier before the restored OCR back is issue
> Sanjay
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