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Ideally it should never happen. Have you checked to see if the OS was patched but Oracle was not relinked ? This can sometimes lead to spurious ORA-600, 7445 errors. Check the date on the oracle executable and compare that to the package install dates for the key things required by Oracle and kernel. If the date of Oracle is older than the patches / kernel then you know a relink was not performed.

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Subject: Questions about ORA-600

Friends ,

Got below ORA-600 on one of our customer's (sparc) box .

ORA-600 [KCBGET_37] / ORA-600 [1100] AND INSTANCE CRASH (not reproducible at will . and this bug is related to some buffer cache corruption)

So we suggested to apply patch 6110331 - and to monitor the instance for a week .

Questions from user :

  1. User : what's the frequency at which ora-600 error occurs ? Me : ora-600 is mostly due to bugs and can't really say when it will pop up . there is so clear cut way to say when it will happen again.
  2. user : when you ora-600 are rare and happens at random - on what basis do you 1 week of monitoring the instance (after patch) will suffice ? me : usually - 1 week is the minimum time you monitor the instance - ensure that you test all your important business processes and if all goes thro' fine and if ora-600 does not happen again . then you should be safe .

What would have been your reply for the above 2 questions ? I am looking for stronger/deeper points about ORA-600 occurrence and how it should be tested (after patch) . Would like to rephrase my next (to user) reply more technically & politically correct.


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