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I only have installed. Maybe the output will be of use to you:

$emcli help modify_named_credential
 emcli modify_named_credential

        [-cred_owner="Credential owner"]
        [-cred_name="Credential name"]
        [-new_cred_name="Updated credential name"]
        [-cred_type="credential type"]
        [-cred_scope="credential scope"]
        [-cred_desc="Credential description"]
        [-target_name="Target name"]
        [-target_type="Target type"]
        [-test_target_name="Test target name"]
        [-test_target_type="Test target type"]
        [-properties_file="Properties File"]

    Updates an existing named credential. The parameter's values to update can be provided     using command line arguments or an input file. It also supports     input_file tag for passwords and parameter values.


        Credential owner.

        Credential name, Required if a properties file is not used.
                For example: "MyBackUpCreds"

The optional new credential name. For example: "MyNewBackUpCreds"
The credential type. Required if a properties file is not used. For example: HostCreds
Credential Scope Valid values are "global" (default) or "instance".
A description of the credential.
Target Name. This is required when cred_scope is set to "instance".
Target Type. This is required when cred_scope is set to "instance".
Include to test the credential before saving.
Use this option to supply the target name to test a global credential against. Required if -cred_scope is set to "global" and the -test option is included.
Use this option to specify the target type to test a global credential against. Required if -cred_scope is set to "global" and the -test option is included.
Reads contents of file and passes as property value.
Use this option to supply all parameters and their values from a multi-line Java properties file. Each line of the file should contain a single parameter=value entry. For example, prop.txt contains these entries: cred_name=MyCred1 attributes="HostUserName:aime;HostPassword:tag The argument will then be structured as: emcli modify_named_credential -properties_file=/tmp/mypropertiesfile.txt Note that values given via the -attributes option take precedence.
The credential column values to update, specified as colname:colvalue. Separate multiple column values with a semi-colon (;) as shown: colname:colvalue;colname:colvalue
Deletes all existing credential column values. Exit Codes 0 On success Non-zero value means verb processing was not successful. Examples emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC1 -attributes="HostUserName:foo;HostPassword:bar" Updates the credentials to foo/bar emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC1 -attributes="HostPassword:bar" Updates password to bar emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC1 -attributes="HostUserName:foo;HostPassword:tag" -input_file="tag:mypasswordfile.txt" Reads the password from mypasswordfile.txt file. emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC1 -attributes="HostUserName:foo;HostPassword:" Prompts for the password from standard input. emcli modify_named_credential -properties_file=prop1.txt Where prop1.txt is a multi-line java properties file where each line contains parameter=value format You can add the password to the same file if you want. If you do not specify, you will be prompted for it. If you include special characters such as backslash, then make sure you escape it using one more backslash. e.g., On Microsoft Windows, when you specify the user name with a domain name, you must provide DOMAIN\\USER _____________________________________________________________________
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I would like to see all available attributes for the modify_named_credential verb.

emcli help modify_named_credential simply shows:


        Specify credential column as follows

for the attributes. The documentation for the verb (from - can't even find the docs online, grrr) only shows an example like:

emcli modify_named_credential


Anybody know where to find (or how to list) all available attributes for a given emcli verb?


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