Re: Good Monitoring tool for monitoring Standard Oracle databases(10g/11g).

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Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 04:06:14 +0000
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Superb and thanks all oracle guru's for your valuable suggestion...thanks again really appreciate it. Thanks,edwin.K

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That's a great list. Which of these tools are for "monitoring/alerting" of all databases in an enterprise (e.g. send text alerts and create trouble tickets if a tablespace is close to full) . Iggy

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I vote for lab128 as well, but there are other attractive tools such as Confio Ignite and a new one called Lightly from Orachrome. I put a list of tools that I know of on this blog post:

I still need to make some additions to the page, mainly ashmon , ashmasters stuff and sql trace file parsers but the blog page is a good start.

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Hi Edwin,
i have seen Confio Ignite from time to time at client site as they used it on daily basis. It was pretty good for Oracle SE (RAC) and there is also a free edition of it.

Ignite Free: Confio Ignite:

You may want to look it at. It works much better than DELL Foglight in my experience (especially in RAC environments).

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> edwin devadanam <> hat am 30. Dezember 2014 um 03:19 geschrieben:
>  Guru's
>  Any advice to purchase good monitoring tool for monitoring Standard Oracle databases(10g/11g).
>  I would like to know already people have experience/using particular monitoring tool that can be deemed to good/better/best tool available in
> market yet with competitive price
>  We are thinking to go with spotlight(dell/quest) monitoring tool but yet to make final call.
>  would appreciate any response on this.
>  thanks,
>  Edwin.K



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